Summer Go To!

Just as the seasons change so does the face and makeup products I use. If I am to be perfectly honest I have a lot but some products are just for certain times of the year, but I do know my husband wished I didn’t take up so much bathroom space Oops. The products I use range from name brand ones, to those that you can find in your local Target. I suffer with really sensitive skin, and yes even I suffer from the dreaded acne plague. I don’t have perfect skin and a lot of the time it’s hard to find products that don’t upset my skin.

For this summer season I am sharing with you some of my favorite products that I go to and use most every day. The one thing I will stress is that the two best things you can do for your skin is DRINK a lot of water (I drink about a gallon a day) and using some sort of sunscreen to protect your skin (for this I love Farmacy Green Screen Daily).


I believe every girl should have a good face wash, I know in can’t live without mine. Now like I said before in suffer from the acne monster, not only that but I find my skin builds a tolerance to things after a while so I constantly have to change up my face wash game to try and avoid my skin building a defiance against a product. Right now I am currently in love with two washes one is Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser by MD Glam, and Aqua Marina by Lush. These both not only get my skin super clean but also keep it hydrated which is an important fact when we talk about good skin care. (Hydration is Key!). 

It is good to exfoliate your skin, to make sure your getting the dry and dead skin cells off so that your skin can keep being healthy and that amazing glow so many people talk about. One of my favorites is Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub by MD Glam It is one of my all-time go too scrubs all year round. I use it about 2-3 times per week, the nice thing about it though is it’s a gentle enough exfoliate that I could use it every day if I wanted. The scrub is infused with papaya (which gives it an amazing smell) and it contains Glycolic acid and aloe. So once again it is a product that will leave your skin so smooth and soft and keep hydration in it.

I know I keep harping on hydration for your skin, but it is truly important. On my recent trip to Mexico that was one of my big concerns was being able to keep my skin hydrated between being in pool water, ocean and out about under a very hot sun. So I used a lot of mostiurzing while there even more so then I would on an average day. The one I love is by Lush called Vanishing Cream, it feels so light but it packs a punch. I combined it at Night with a Hyaluronic Acid night Cream by MD Glam and during the day with Korres Wild Rose Brightening Oil (note both contain Vitamin C). My skin stayed amazing all through my trip.


I also use a toner every day morning and night to make sure I get all the gunk off my face for that it is Belif Toner containing Witch Hazel. For my night time routine especially if I have worn makeup all day is I wash my face with Farmacy Green Clean, this stuff take everything off (even water proof mascara! J ) then follow with my wash and toner. I never go to sleep without having thoroughly washed my face, doing that has helped control a lot of my breakouts.


I have a couple of face masks that I currently have been enjoying one being Super Mud by Glam Glow and the other by Lush called Cosmetic Warrior. I do these once a week and switch between the two. If you have some favorite masks that you think I should try just let me know!

Now into my makeup bag, I am still learning and playing with different types of makeup styles and it changes based on what I am doing that day. There are days when I go completely makeup free just to give my skin a break as to much makeup all the time does not make it happy. Plus Monday through Friday I am a nurse and I have about 10 minutes to get myself together before I have to get to work. So on those days I am keeping it simple.

My primers I use are Veil by Hourglass or The Pore Professional by Benefit (I have used these for years and haven’t failed me yet) these hold everything together even through a 16 hr day. My foundation right now is just Water blend by Makeup Forever (this stuff stayed on even in pool water). Concealers are Neutral by Frankie Rose and Shape Tape by Tarte. I just put a little under my eyes to hide my dark circles (yes I have those too).

I like to have a nice bronze look to my skin and some shimmer, to get that look I use two products Cellularose brightening Serum (sunny flash) By Terry and Bobbie Brown Bronzing Powder (medium 2). They give my face a nice right of the beach look, which during summer I love to have especially if I am not making it to the beach as much as I would like.



The last of my SUMMER go to products are Brown Copper (eye Liner) Laura Mercer, Bobbie Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick (Sand Dune), Perfect Brow Pencil (soft Brown) Anastasia, lip liner (Pouty) Younique, Mascara (Aquarian Gaze you can get this at target) Pacifica and last by not least my favorite summer lip gloss for the perfe3ct lip shimmer, Sweet Peach by Too Faced.

Now don’t think I use all these makeup products every day , I am a mom, wife and nurse I don’t have a lot of time to get ready, so there are days when mascara and foundation is all I am putting on for my face. But I do make sure to always wash, tone, moisture and sunscreen my face every day to keep it looking its best. I have enjoyed sharing my summer favorites with you, now let me know what yours are.

With Love



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