Let’s Talk HAIR!


So, it’s been a loooonnnnngg while since I posted on the blog, life has just become bigger than I ever thought possible. I am so grateful for all the blessings that have come into my life so I can’t complain about the business.

But back to what I wanted to share with you all today. So back in May a good girlfriend of mine Heather Hughes brought to my attention a brand called MONAT.  She had been using this hair care line for a little over a year, after that time she decide to start her own business helping other ladies like myself save our hair. When I saw the difference in her hair I was truly amazed. Now if you ladies are anything like me then you spend a lot of money on your skin and hair care products already. Well let’s face it every one of us wants to have nice hair and skin. Lord knows I sure the heck do.


When she first brought Monat to my attention, I was a little spectacle at first, but was willing to trust her because I know she wouldn’t let me try something that she didn’t believe in as well plus the evidence I saw from her results gave me hope that my hair could be saved . I did have some questions and she answered them all which was great and God love her for I had a lot. She put up with all my nagging questions like a pro, for example. I had just got extensions put in for my wedding and I was afraid that this Monat product would damage it. I tried it and guess what Monat never damage my hair, in fact it greatly improved it and made my extensions last longer than I thought they could, keeping them stronger and nicely hydrated.  I have been using this since May and seen the massive change in my hair, how it looks and feels (I love shaking it around, especially in the wind). Monat does say that it may take a whole 90 days for your hair to truly fully change, but everyone is different I saw a change after the first wash, it looked shinier and felt immensely softer.

Time to talk detox, sometimes that word scares people but it is a real thing and it is a possibility that  will occur with your hair when you start to use Monat. It’s not a bad thing though (so don’t freak out), my hair felt oily for a couple of days, but it did start to improve (it was just trying to pull all the bad stuff out of my hair). Know I can go about two days without washing my hair and it still feels soft and light. If I need a boost, then I use their dry shampoo, which I also love and smells wonderful too.


I am truly in love with Monat and it is the only hair care products I use and now my husband and daughter. I highly recommend it, I even turned one of my co workers on to it and she is loving the fact her normally coarse hair is softer and lighter.  If you have any questions I recommend talking to my girl Heather Hughes who’s Facebook page I will be dropping here.

With Love Allie

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