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For quite some time now I have been wanting to really switch my makeup over to more companies that are using natural ingredients and are cruelty free.  After having done some research I decided to try Honest Beauty which is the company that was founded by actress Jessica Alba.  Now the first launch of their products was back in 2012 with about only 17 products mainly focusing on baby needs and house hold cleaning products, I have always loved their diapers and wipes which I used for my daughter since she was 3 months old, and to this day she still uses their lavender children’s conditioner).

In 2015 Honest Beauty was launched, I have been using their facial oil from the moment it hit Target shelves.  It was original named Everything organic facial oil and came out around early 2017, it is now called magic Organic beauty facial oil.  I have loved their oil for a few years now and it is the perfect last step of my nightly skin care routine, you may also add one to two drops of it to their cream foundation and it creates a wonderful glow skin effect.  I have oily combination skin and using this mixture on my face has been, for me, perfectly fine.  There have no breakouts and very little oil production during the day.

IMG_2551*These are my personal products as you can see they are well used and loved.

Everything from my moisturizer, to primer, to lip gloss is Honest Beauty which I have been so thoroughly impressed with every product I use.  Although the one thing they don’t have is a concealer (hopefully this will eventually come), but there is a work around for this.  They have many different colors in their cream foundation so it is very easy to either get a lighter color to act as a brightener under the eye or a darker color to use for contour.  My current shade is bisque but I am waiting for the color almond to get here as that looks like it would be the perfect color for me to contour with.  Their highlighter and bronzer pictured above are the perfect combo to create a beautiful effortless summer look.  Honestly that is my go to look right now, I love makeup but I want it to look like I almost have nothing on.

They have the most perfect primers I have ever personally used, the glow one is hydrating and bouncy, where the matte is just the right consistency for us oily folks out there.  What I do may be a little weird but it is a tip I took after watching a video of Jessica Alba doing her makeup.  You mix a little bit of the two together and rub it in all over your face, it fills everything in just right and creates a perfect smooth canvas for the cream foundation.  Tip * let it set for about 5-8 minutes before applying foundation as you want to let it sink into your sink.

Being what I like to call olive skin with hazel eyes, the shades of orange, brown and purple are my friends and their eye shadow palette gives me everything I need all in one perfect compact place. The ten colors in it give you the ability to create a multitude of looks from an everyday light golden brown to a deep and gorgeous Smokey eye for a night out.  Pair your eye look with their mascara and you are good to go.  Their mascara is by far one of my favorites.  The primer helps with not only, in my opinion, creating more volume but also helps the mascara almost become waterproof. Plus having the primer and mascara in one tube makes it a great travel item and easy to use on the go.

Their cream blush is hands down my favorite that I have ever tried from any brand.  The color I am using currently is their peony pink and it is the most light and deep pink I have ever used or seen. The thing I love about it is it works under and over powder, and is light enough that you can build it up if you want more opaqueness.  This very versatile product can be used not only as a cream blush, but an eye shadow, or even a lip tint, and pairs very nicely with their magic balm to give a dewy finish, especially on the apples of your cheeks.

 My opinion of Honest Beauty is this, that it is a fantastic line of not just skin care, home products, and baby care, but they have a very strong makeup line.  Now I  have just started playing with their eye liner, liquid lipsticks and lip crayons.  If you are wanting to know my opinion on these or the looks that I will be creating with the products you can follow me on my Instagram.

Love, Allie




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