My Wedding

I know I planned on sharing my Mexico vacation in the next post. But I wanted to get a little personal, and share about my wedding day. Maybe some soon to be brides out there will find this helpful for their day. So here goes nothing!My wedding occurred on May 20, 2017 in San Jose, California. It happened to be a hot day too, luckily everything was going to be insidewhere there was air conditioning (good planning on our part). Our wedding was to occur at 3:30pm at Apostles Lutheran church. I am a little OCD when it comes to having everything done on time.


So, I woke up at about 7am to start getting ready, now mind you on my day I was sick with a sinus infection, vertigo, and I had no voice (great way to start a wedding right). Luckily, I had amazing bridesmaid, and one heck of a maid of honor that had me drinking large amounts of chamomile tea with lemon and honey. I also may have taken quite a bit of medications to get through my day. I was determined that nothing was going to ruin my day, I think all brides must feel like that. Now I did plan ahead of time and book a suit at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Campbell, so that my hair stylist, make artist, and photographer would have room to work. It was so pretty and must say the bed was supper comfortable and the room was very nice.

Hair and makeup started around 9:30am as once again I am a little OCD on time, and my photographer was going to show up at 12:30pm to start taking photos. I started texting Eric and all the guys telling them to get up and shower, especially Eric as he is not a morning person. I must say I was so luckily with my hair and makeup ladies they were phenomenal and I will try attaching their links in here if I can. Hair was done by Brittany Yturradle, I can’t say enough good things about her, she was recommended to me by my cousin Ana who had her wedding 2 months before mine (which was stunning by the way too). For my hair, we decided to go with a half up half down style with a braid on top going down (can you say mermaid hair 🙂 ), with baby breath in it. It turned out beautiful even more so then I thought it would. Makeup was done by Becca Prado from Bloom Boutique, she was so sweet and patient with all the girls and making sure the makeup was the exact way I wanted it. In regards to makeup I wanted to keep it very simple and natural for each girl, I didn’t want them to have a look that wasn’t them, so no heavy layers there.



Once the Photographer showed up, we were close to being done with hair and makeup. Anyone who is getting married I highly recommend Bogdon Condor to shoot your wedding photos. He not only did our big day, but also our engagement photos and I love them all. I will be sharing some of his amazing photos in this post don’t worry.


The limo showed up to get the guys a 2pm and he was very timely to much of my relief and came back for us girls at 3pm. He was nice, unfortunately the AC in the limo was broken so all us girls were dying of heat, pulling up our dresses to try stay cool luckily the drive to the church was only 15 minutes away but when your hot, it seems like forever. Once we arrived to the church we had about 10 minutes to spare before my big walk down the aisle. I was feeling so nervous and emotionally. My brother Chris is the one who was walking me down the aisle the moment I saw him the tears came. I had been dreaming about this day since I was a little girl, and to find a man like my husband. The one thing that would have made the day perfect was if my oldest brothers and grandfather could have been there, but I knew they were watching from above and I had pieces of them that I wore to remind me such as my grandfather’s wedding band.


The ceremony was short about 20 minutes (we didn’t want a long one). Our pastor did an amazing job and there were no dry eyes in church. I was so emotionally I couldn’t stop cry plus I was having the sinus infection so I literally couldn’t breathe through the ceremony. Which became worse once Eric surprised me with my rings. He truly is something amazing because he had created a whole new engagement ring for me and a wedding band and I had no clue. It took my breath away when I saw it as I was expecting a plain rose gold band. Instead I received the most stunning, jaw dropping ring.


After composing myself we finished off our vows. To hear the pastor introduce us as husband and wife was serial. I was officially Mrs. Allison Preusch, we did a receiving line to thank all our guests (hugs and kisses took place then). I recommend having a receiving line to make sure you can interact with all your guest at least once on your day.

Then after taking a couple of quick photos at the church it was on to our wedding reception which was at the Almaden Golf and Country Club. On our way, we may have literally popped a champagne bottle out the limo window. I truly must thank all the staff as they did an amazing job and everything looked perfect just the way I had hoped.


The Country Club was nice enough to let us shoot some of the pictures out on the golf course, and they have turned out amazing.


Our reception was to start at 615pm, so we lounged around in a bridal suit having drinks and some of the cocktail hour food until it was time for us to make our grand entrance. The song we chose to enter the reception ballroom was Walk the Moons “Shut Up and Dance” (a favorite song of our daughter).

The festivities began with some heartwarming speechless from our families, and a wonderful prayer performed by my father-in-law. We ate, drank and danced the night away, to some footloose, and cupid shuffle. Looking back now I truly loved my wedding, I took a moment and looked around just taking in the site of seeing all our family and friends laugh and some even crying due to just sharing in Eric and mines love. It is a night I will always cherish, and one of great happiness and joy. Then at 1030 our coach came to whisk us away to Hotel Valencia to spend our first night as husband and wife. I felt like Cinderella riding off into the night with my prince.


I hope you enjoyed this post as I know it wasn’t want I originally promised I would do. But I thought it would be nice to share. We did go to Napa for a mini-moon. I will be posting about that soon no worries. Please leave your comment below and what you thought.

With love Allie!

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