First blog post


Hi my name is Allison or Allie for short, please be patient with me as this is my first blog post ever. I wanted to start blogging because I find it therapeutic for me, being able to put thoughts and ideas down on paper, just creates an amazing release. I first started writing as a stress relive as it was a way to get all my emotions out without having to overly explain myself, just me and my notebook. What are some of your stress reliever methods? I hope you will find this blog to be fun and maybe even use some of the ideas I share in your own life. This blog with contain a variety of things from my parenting adventures with my crazy but beautiful 6-year-old daughter, life as a wife, working as a nurse, beauty tips/tricks, workouts, and healthy recipes I create. Being that this is my first post I will keep this short. Look out for the next post as it will be about my recent family vacation to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico!

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